WINShadow's White Magic (Maggie)    ID  843109                  DOB 8-18-2002    PRICE $500

Maggie waspurchased as a one year old at the same time we bought Mae.  She had the shiniest fiber and hers was always the first yarn sold.  She has been an excellent mother as are her daughters, Gwen, Pearl and Lizzie.

Josie's Ultimatum (Mae)  ID 837452  DOB ​6-25-001 PRICE $500

​​​Mae was one of the first 3 females we purchased.  She has been excellent mother but is getting up in years.  Her fiber is very dense and uniform.  She will make great companion alpaca for a younger female.  We are selling two of her daughters, Liana and Lilly.

GWENDELYN     ID 1361100     DOB 6/21/2005   PRICE  $750 Gwen is one of our shyest alpacas.  She is the mother of Cassie and Belle and at 11 years old may still have a cria or two.  She has dense fiber with good brightness.



Crystal Light    ID 1160192    DOB 8/8/2003    PRICE $500

Crystal came with her mother just after her birth.  She has proven to be a great mother of Maia and Carmen.  At age 13 she may still be able to have another cria.  She is easy going friendly girl.