MAIA OF RUM RIVER  ID 31177634  DOB  5/18/2009  PRICE  $900

Maia is the daughter of Crystal.  She is big boned, dense fiber and a great mother.  Much of her idle time is spent laying in the barn door, half in and half out.  The other alpacas must squeeze around her, jump over or go to the other end of the barn.  She also likes to roll in the dirt.


CASSANDRA RUM RIVER   ID 31633291  DOB  7/30/2009  PRICE   $900 

Cassie has had one cria and was a great mother.  At only 7 years old she can have several more crias.  Everyone loves her brown color.


MAGGIE'S PEARL  ID 3098740   DOB  8/25/2007  PRICE  $900

Pearl is Maggie's daughter and mother of Rosie.  I named her Pearl because of the shine of her fiber. At only 9 she has a great future as a mother.  When Rosie was born she was very protective and wanted Rosie near her but Rosie was independent early on which drove Pearl nuts.


LIANA      ID 3050591      DOB  5/2/2006     PRICE  $750

Liana is a medium brown with dense uniform fiber.  Her mother is Mae.  She has had several crias successfully but lost the last one soon after birth.  We have chosen not to breed her again.  She would be a good match as a companion alpaca to younger girls.