MAX      ID             DOB 6/21/2015    PRICE   $200

Max is the son of Lizzie and Archie.  He could be a nice herd sire with dense, fine fiber and full coverage.  He can be registared and sold as a junior herdsire for $750.  As a fiber boy he will produce great fiber.

Male Alpacas


RILEY   ID             DOB 6/16/2015   PRICE   $200

Riley is a sweet boy, has nice fiber but is not awsome enough to be a herd sire.  He will be great as a fiber alpaca.  His fiber is dense and crimpy.

​​FBF ARCHIBALD     ID 31986649      DOB  6/26/2010  PRICE  $2,000

We bought Archie 4 years ago to bring different genetics to the herd.  He is a very calm intellegent herd sire.  He has not been used as much as we would have liked but the crias he has had are very dense, have good crimp and uniformity.  As long as we have him we will breed females you purchase.​

MIKKO     ID               DOB  6/30/2015      PRICE  $200

Mikko is the largest of the three boys.  He is the son of Lilly and the last cria of White Zephyr I. We have not registared him but can if you would like to use him as a herd sire.  The price would then be $1,000.   His cria fiber was over 6" long, very fine and dense.