Alpacas are members of the camelid family and are indigenous to South America. There are two breeds of alpacas, huacaya and suri.  We have huacayas that have crimpy fleece giving them the teddy bear like appearance.  They are very much herd animals and must have an alpaca friend.

They are safe and pleasant to be around.  I am not at all nervous when our grandchildren are in the pens playing with the alpacas.  

It is very easy to care for them.  They eat very little and are quiet.  You need to shear them once a year, trim their toe nails, vaccinate and deworm them.  They eat mostly grass and hay.

Alpaca fiber makes some to the softest yarn and clothing.  There are many options for using your fiber harvest. 

We have a total of 21 alpacas.  Sixteen are female ranging in age from 2 to 17.  We have one herd sire, one gelding and 3 two year old males.

Please look at the following pages for more information about each alpaca, their asking price and pictures.

Reduced prices for multiple alpacas.